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I am a management student with a love for finance and mathematical analysis. Apart from travelling, teaching is my next favourite thing to do.
Sourodeep Koner
Maths Tutor, 4th Year Student - IPM IIM Indore
I am a proud mathphile with my favorite pastime being solving mathematical riddles and puzzles. Also a classical music aficionado and a vainika, with a penchant for sports
Aditya Mohan
Maths Tutor, 2nd Year Student - IIT Madras
Even though I am a Finance Masters student, I have always been in love with English Literature. Apart from being a self-proclaimed bookworm and cinephile who loves to teach, I am passionate about being sustainable in both business and life.
Shivam Rai
English Tutor, 2nd Year Student of M.Sc. - Pondicherry University
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